What our customers say about us

Our client’s assessment and opinion is testimony to the value proposal and overall quality when accompanying the entrepreneur in one of the most important moments in the life of his company. Find out what our clients think about their experience with M&A Fusiones y Adquisiciones.

Josep Roca Casas – en
Josep Roca

Managing Director


From the first day M&A have shown us their great professionalism and empathy. They informed us of all the actions to be carried out for the sale of the company and accompanied us step by step so that the process was carried out perfectly. The manager who managed the sale did an extraordinary job in searching for possible candidates for the purchase and executing the sale transaction in a very efficient way, with the necessary advice so that no problems would arise afterwards. I am very happy with the way M&A works, I highly recommend it to people with a similar intention to mine.

Rubén Fernandez – en
Rubén Fernandez


Tasmania / Mercaporta

I found M&A on the other side of the table advising the sellers. Without their common sense and effort to find solutions for both parties, the deal would not have been closed. I have no doubt in counting on them for other transactions that we may carry out in the purchase and sale of companies.

Juan Antonio de la Cuerda – en
Juan Antonio de la Cuerda

General Manager


Being accompanied in the process of selling our company through M&A was a great choice and a wise decision. A process of this type requires technical knowledge of how to approach it, psychology to be able to face the different moments in the relationship that is established between sellers and buyers and professionalism in carrying out the operation so that it reaches a successful conclusion. The closeness and dedication with which they have been working for us from the very beginning has made us feel confident at all times, made us feel confident at all times that we were in good hands, as it has been demonstrated with the achievement of the objectives we were looking for.

Xavier Saldes – en
Xavier Saldes

General Manager


I would like to thank the entire M&A team for their excellent management of the sale and purchase transaction carried out recently.
Feeling well advised and accompanied by professionals throughout the process, generates the confidence and tranquility necessary in certain moments of uncertainty throughout the transaction.
“Peace of mind” from the beginning to the successful closing of the transaction.

Víctor García – en
Víctor García

General Manager


For the former owner, M&A has been key in the sale of our company. They have placed their experience and professionalism at our disposal to develop their activity without hardly distracting us from our daily tasks, and to achieve a satisfactory agreement for all parties. Their advice, accompaniment, management of deadlines and preparation of documentation has been of great value in the operation. These lines serve as thanks and recognition.

Víctor Pavón – en
Víctor Pavón



I want to take a moment to recognize and thank M&A for their excellent work in managing the sale of my company. Their professionalism, integrity and experience in the market have been impressive, and have allowed me to successfully complete the transaction despite my lack of knowledge in this area. Thanks to your professionals for their dedication and commitment in this delicate task, and for helping me to fulfill my business dreams.

Vidal de Teresa – en
Vidal de Teresa

Owner and CEO


I feel very fortunate to have gone through the process of selling our company to an American M&A company. Despite the complexity and length of the process, I felt supported and well advised. The technical advice, the professionalism, the implication and the exhaustive work has been of an extraordinary level. I would work with them again without hesitation. The professional who has worked with us has shown effort, negotiation skills, professional excellence and empathy.

Javier Tarragó – en
Javier Tarragó

Managing Partner

Lacus Group

The experience with M&A has been very satisfactory in the cases in which we have collaborated. In our case, as investors, they have always offered us opportunities very appropriate to our investment model. The information received was very complete and clear. And in the investments that have been made, the intervention of M&A has been decisive in seeking satisfactory points of agreement for all parties.

Isidre Cañas – en
Isidre Cañas

Partner & Managing Director People Mergers


I have had a first experience with M&A Fusiones y Adquisiciones. It has been a very easy purchase process, with total transparency, objective valuations and understanding at all times the interests of all parties. The professional who has advised us at all times, has had an admirable ability to negotiate and above all, to provide solutions to the inconveniences that arise during the process.

Borja Mesonero-Romanos y Juan D. Carretero – en
Borja Mesonero-Romanos y Juan D. Carretero

Chief Executive Officers and Promoters

Taurus Capital

M&A Fusiones y Adquisiciones has done an extraordinary job since the very first day. Even though they working for the counterpart, we have always felt comfortable with them since they were able to accelerate and simplify the acquisition process. Their empathy, professionalism and high level of involvement in the deal has been key in order to make this transaction happen.